Monday, March 8, 2010

2010 Oscars Live Blog

Welcome to the 2010 Oscars live blog. Keep hitting reload for all the latest updates. Techno, techno, techno, techno.

6:58AM – Istanbul/8:58PM – L.A.

"The Hurt Locker." Great stuff.

Laters, everyone. Thanks for reading.

6:55AM – Istanbul/8:55PM – L.A.

Kathryn Bigelow -- booya!

6:52AM – Istanbul/8:52PM – L.A.

La Streisand!

6:51AM – Istanbul/8:51PM – L.A.

Charlize Theron's dress. There. Bring on the hits!

6:49AM – Istanbul/8:49PM – L.A.

Did Sandra Bullock just acknowledge the juggernaut of an Oscar campaign her people ran for her? Awesome.

6:48AM – Istanbul/8:48PM – L.A.

What are you on about, Sean?

6:46AM – Istanbul/8:46PM – L.A.


6:43AM – Istanbul/8:43PM – L.A.

Short hair doesn't become Carey Mulligan. Neither does no hair Peter Sarsgaard.

6:37AM – Istanbul/8:37PM – L.A.

Three more to go. No real surprises, only a few mid-level ones. I really hope we get a streaker or something.

6:30AM – Istanbul/8:30PM – L.A.

Please say "The Dude Abides." Please say "The Dude Abides." Please say "The Dude Abides." Please say "The Dude Abides." Please say "The Dude Abides." Please say "The Dude Abides." Please say "The Dude Abides." Please say "The Dude Abides." Please say "The Dude Abides." Please say "The Dude Abides." Please say "The Dude Abides."

6:27AM – Istanbul/8:27PM – L.A.

The mini-tributes are better than last year's ones, though.

That close-up on Jeff Bridges' beautiful face. Possibly the best moment of the night so far. Go Jeff!

6:24AM – Istanbul/8:24PM – L.A.

Oh, great. They're doing the "mini-tributes" from last year.

6:22AM – Istanbul/8:22PM – L.A.

By the way, they just played the theme from "Amarcord" as tarantino and Almodovar came on stage to present the foreign film award. Unexpected, but welcome.

6:18AM – Istanbul/8:18PM – L.A.

Best foreign film is about to go to Die Children Von Den Corn aka "The White Ribbon."

It doesn't! It goes to "The Secret In Their Eyes!" And I had an awesome Haneke acceptance speech joke. Alas, it will never see the light of day. Like tears in the rain, etc...

6:14AM – Istanbul/8:14PM – L.A.

Get on with it. I have to go for a run before I go to work.

6:12AM – Istanbul/8:12PM – L.A.

Sitemeter Update: Lots of folks are googling "crazy woman oscar acceptance speech." For once, they don't mean Sally Field.

6:09AM – Istanbul/8:09PM – L.A.

Keanu Reeves? Oh, "Point Break." I see. You gonna jump or jerk off? Good times.

6:01AM – Istanbul/8:01PM – L.A.

Hey, wait! George Minkowski from Lost produced "The Cove?" Chaos reigns.

5:59AM – Istanbul/7:59PM – L.A.

Surprised Sam Elliott was not recognised for reprising his character The Stranger from "The Big Lebowski" in "Up In The Air."

5:55AM – Istanbul/7:55PM – L.A.

Farrah Fawcett was not featured during the "In Memoriam" segment. John Spencer was also not in the segment the year he died. The producers might have a bias against "TV actors."

5:52AM – Istanbul/7:52PM – L.A.

I am extremely happy for Michael Giacchino (even though I preferred Hans Zimmer's score for "Sherlock Holmes"). He is the next John Williams, and he is doing sterling work with his Lost score.

5:49AM – Istanbul/7:49PM – L.A.

OK, I'm sorry, I was wrong. Some dude is doing the robot to the score from "Up." If the rest of the show were like this, we'd have something.

5:48AM – Istanbul/7:48PM – L.A.

You remember the dancing Mother Theresa clip in the third "Naked Gun?" That was fun.

5:47AM – Istanbul/7:47PM – L.A.


5:46AM – Istanbul/7:46PM – L.A.

Is it me or has Jennifer Lopez's accent gone more Latina?

Oh, goodie - no song performances in a year full of great tunes - instead, dancing! More coffee, methinks.

5:39AM – Istanbul/7:39PM – L.A.

Demi Moore is presenting the "In Memoriam" segment. Included in the clipshow is her career.

Sandra Bullock over-enunciates Mauro Fiore's name, who thanks "the visionary James Cameron for his incredible vision." Urm, LOLZ?

5:24AM – Istanbul/7:24PM – L.A.

Wow! Tobin Bell's a sound editor, too! That guy's multi-talented.

5:24AM – Istanbul/7:24PM – L.A.

I am glad they got Morgan Freeman to explain to me what a sound editor does. I hope they'll do the same for the director.

5:20AM – Istanbul/7:20PM – L.A.

Retro! They used Busta Rhymes' "Gimme Some More" to score the horror montage.

5:20AM – Istanbul/7:20PM – L.A.

I'd have found "Paranormal Activity" more frightening if there were such a thing as a demon.

5:18AM – Istanbul/7:18PM – L.A.


5:14AM – Istanbul/7:14PM – L.A.

The clips from "Precious: Based on a novel by a man named Lear" just make me want to revisit the incredible "Precious Moments" viral from earlier this year.

5:06AM – Istanbul/7:06PM – L.A.

Art Direction goes to Roger Dean.

5:02AM – Istanbul/7:02PM – L.A.

"You touched it, the whole world saw it." Discarded tagline for "Precious?"

4:58AM – Istanbul/6:58PM – L.A.

Go Anna Kendrick! Obviously Mo'Nique has this in the bag, but still...

4:54AM – Istanbul/6:54PM – L.A.

Roger Corman and Lauren Bacall. Miley Cyrus is thinking? Roger Who and Lauren What?

4:51AM – Istanbul/6:51PM – L.A.

There goes "Up In The Air's" consolation prize.

4:48AM – Istanbul/6:48PM – L.A.

Please, please, please "In The Loop."

Hah! They probably could not get a Malcolm Tucker clip that didn't have any swears.

4:43AM – Istanbul/6:43PM – L.A.

Not one mention of Gene Roddenberry. After all, he only created Star Trek.

4:43AM – Istanbul/6:43PM – L.A.


4:38AM – Istanbul/6:38PM – L.A.

The Ben Stiller bit is awesome.

Did you see Stiller at the Indies? You must.

4:38AM – Istanbul/6:38PM – L.A.

Please spare poor Jim's feelings.

4:32AM – Istanbul/6:32PM – L.A.

The crazy lady during the best documentary short acceptance speech was pretty awesome, I must say.

The New Tenants -- yay! Go, Denmark!

4:31AM – Istanbul/6:31PM – L.A.

It's really rather dull so far, no?

4:28AM – Istanbul/6:28PM – L.A.

Fuck! Carey Mulligan's ripped!

4:26AM – Istanbul/6:26PM – L.A.

The shot of Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart at the end of the John Hughes segment? IRONICCUTTINGBOMB!

4:20AM – Istanbul/6:20PM – L.A.

The John Hughes tribute is gorgeous.

BTW, either Molly Ringwald's wearing giant heels or Carrie Bradshaw married a pixie-man.

4:16AM – Istanbul/6:16PM – L.A.

OK. "The Hurt Locker" wins best film.

4:14AM – Istanbul/6:14PM – L.A.

Best Original Screenplay, and I am pretty sure Tarantino has this in the bag. Nostradamus, c'est moi.

4:11AM – Istanbul/6:11PM – L.A.

Oh, the writing awards. No chance, I know, but go "In The Loop."

4:07AM – Istanbul/6:07PM – L.A.


4:05AM – Istanbul/6:05PM – L.A.

"Part science fiction, part thriller." Don't tell me, "Aliens in the Attic," right.

By the way, I liked "District 9" a whole lot less than pretty much anyone on the planet. And not just because I'm a natural contrarian (which I'm not, actually).

4:00AM – Istanbul/6:00PM – L.A.

I'm happy that Ryan Bingham and T-Bone Burnett won, but I thought it was "Fallin' & Flyin'" and "Somebody Else" that were truly outstanding.

3:59AM – Istanbul/5:59PM – L.A.

"Just imagine this whole stage filled with the best cast and crew." Fine. I'm thinking "Debbie Does Dallas."

3:58AM – Istanbul/5:58PM – L.A.

"Up!" Just as I'd predicted.

3:57AM – Istanbul/5:57PM – L.A.

I'm predicting a win for "Fantastic Mr. Fox." Why not?

I never, never, NEVER enjoy these cutesy nomination clips for the best animated feature.

3:53AM – Istanbul/5:53PM – L.A.


3:47AM – Istanbul/5:47PM – L.A.

Go, Christoph. Uber-bingo, indeed.

If my sarcasm did not come through, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin's opening skit would have worked better as a monologue (for Martin).

I did like Waltz's speech. Short, sweet, and it also had a maritime metaphor.

3:44AM – Istanbul/5:44PM – L.A.

Oh, did I see “Nine?” Nein. I thank you.

3:43AM – Istanbul/5:43PM – L.A.

“Invictus” combines two of my greatest passions: rugby and dodgy accents.

I love you Steve Martin, and your ludicrously inappropriate yet ludicrously awesome Hitler memorabilia joke. (My blog’s going to get some weird hits now)

Jim Cameron – the man embodies humility. I hope his fragile feelings don’t get hurt by the intergalactic dandelions gag.

Have a drink every time someone mentions Bigelow and Cameron used to be married.

“The motherload!” The opening monologue’s the best in years.

3:31AM – Istanbul/5:31PM – L.A.

Ooh, Neil Patrick Harris! Well played, Shankman!

Was that all the acting nominees or just the frontrunners? If it was the latter, than it’s a bit of a bummer for the others, no?

3:20AM – Istanbul/5:20PM – L.A.

Miley Cyrus AND Taylor Lautner are here? Tweedledum and Tweedledumber. Joy!

Earlier, I saw Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon, who were wonderful together in “Guess Who’s Coming to Rugby.”

The neurons in my brain are committing ritual suicide as retribution for my watching these red carpet interviews.


Kevin J. Olson said...

I thought the same thing when they introduced the "nominees" but gave us the front runners first. Ha.

Kevin J. Olson said...

"Oscar and Penelope...that's an uber bingo!" Awesome. Good for Waltz.

Ali Arikan said...


And I'm going to use that's an uber-bingo in my daily life. Because I am a twerp.

Matt Maul said...

Hey Ali...

At first I was dreading Steve and Alec as hosts because I thought they were too old. Boy, was I wrong. Frankly, they should be on more.

I think you're right about Hurt Locker. Too bad. I wanted Inglourious Basterds.

BTW, John Hughes went to my high school (before I got there) and Principal Vernon was supposedly based on one of the gym teachers.

Ali Arikan said...

Hey Matt,

That is awesome. I wonder if he ever came back to visit.

I loved Steve Martin's adlib that he wrote Geoffrey Fletcher's acceptance speech, and I agree the presenters should be on more.

Surprised "Precious" won adapted screenplay! I wonder if it can go all the way.

Kevin J. Olson said...

Did Monique just admit to the world that Oprah and Tyler Perry essentially bought the Oscar for her?

Matt Maul said...

Here's my suggestion, if you're going to celebrate horror flicks, only use good ones in the montage --NOT Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elmstreet or Little Shop of Horrors or ... oh, I'll stop now ;)

Ali Arikan said...

Hah! Indeed. "Twilight" was in the same clipshow with "Repulsion!" Erm, what?

Matt Maul said...

Yep... Hurt Locker... I'm sorry, I thought it was decent flick... I'm not trying to be flip, but it really didn't affect me much more than a really good first season Battlestar Galactica episode.

BTW, the tributes can go... makes the show WAYYY too long.

Ali Arikan said...

I think it boiled down to "Avatar" or "the Hurt Locker" in the end, and that's not really a choice for me. The more I think about the former, the more I dislike it. Strange since I don;t know how anyone can dislike a film that features dragons fighting gunships, but there we go.

Agreed about the tributes. Just when you think it's over, fawn, fawn, fawn. I'd prefer faun, faun, faun. Man, it's been a long night (and now I'm at work).

Jason Bellamy said...

Nice job on these, Ali. Some of my favorites:

* "Just imagine this whole stage filled with the best cast and crew." Fine. I'm thinking "Debbie Does Dallas." Ha!

* OK, I'm sorry, I was wrong. Some dude is doing the robot to the score from "Up." If the rest of the show were like this, we'd have something. Ha! Ha!

* Sitemeter Update: Lots of folks are googling "crazy woman oscar acceptance speech." For once, they don't mean Sally Field. That doesn't surprise me. It's unfortunate that was the most memorable moment of the first three quarters of the night. (Oh, and, "Ha!")

* That close-up on Jeff Bridges' beautiful face. Possibly the best moment of the night so far. Go Jeff! I loved that moment, too!

* Please say "The Dude Abides." I wasn't thinking that, but it would have been pretty cool, and I say that as a non-Lebowski-devotee. I read somewhere recently that Bridges says he doesn't remember any of the dialogue from that movie. At first I thought he was playing too cool for school, but after seeing him last night I'm now convinced he was telling the truth.

BTW ... He was the first award winner in years who seemed to be grateful when the music started playing. It's like he needed someone to yell "Cut!" so he'd know when the scene was over.

Ali Arikan said...

Jason, thanks for your comments and your kind words.

I thought it was a terribly dull show with moments of unintentional hilarity. But I am not sure what I prefer - something as tedious as this year or a cringefest like the previous year's.

Sometimes, I feel like I am a traditionalist. I like huge opening numbers, and then short quips inbetween. I suppose that's why Billy Crystal is my favourite host.

I thought Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin would provide some serious edge this year, but alas, they could not even deliver their lines properly.

I was happy about quite a few of the choices, but these shows - as television entertainment - require more than that, no? They require Oscar moments. You know you're in trouble when the next morning the watercooler conversation is about the best documentary short winners.

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