Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Arnie at CeBIT

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a guest of honour at the recent Cebit Conference in Germany, where he delivered, what I assume to be, the keynote address in front of a whole bunch of business people and dignitaries, including the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The remarks were in English at first, though he segued into German half way through, and the following clip is the last few minutes of his speech.

Schwarzenegger’s most important quality as an action star was his sense of humour. It’s great to see that he’s still got it. If you don’t speak German, that’s OK (though you really should learn how to because it’s a great language), but pay attention around the 1:40 mark. I will replace the clip with a better version should I find one.


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Robert T. said...

Hey Ali, the latest Star Trek is terrific!! I've never enjoyed it this much since First Contact and The Voyage Home, which is my favorite amongst the lot.

So how are you doing, my cyber-friend? Btw, where in TS Eliot's works did the passage about cats come from? Just the other day, whilst skimming through The Book of Limericks looking for a particular verse (by A. Cinna), I happened across this one by W. H. Auden, about dotty ladies:

T. S. Eliot is quite at a loss
When clubwomen bustle across
At literary teas,
Crying: "What, if you please,
Did you mean by The Mill on the Floss?"

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

have you given up your blog? no posts since March?

Ali Arikan said...

Hey Robert - Sorry I haven't been able to get back to you. Been on holiday visiting my parents. I have seen Star Trek, but I didn't like it, I'm afraid. My review should be up soon.

Anonymous - No, I haven't given up, and I have written a few posts under various pseudonyms on various other blogs since then. I'll try to put up a few reviews on posts on here before the summer.

Unknown said...

Arnold sense of humor is one factor that made him famous, nice blog!