Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ratatouille: Not Good for Cats

I gave Ratatouille a miss when it was on at the cinemas since all showings in Istanbul were dubbed in Turkish (as opposed to Sanskrit). Also, I don't particularly enjoy being at a movie theatre full of kids: they get into hysterics, I tell them to shut up, and then the children of the corn end up kicking my arse while their parents point and laugh.

Anyway, I finally saw the film on DVD a while back, and loved it. I have written about my extensive appreciation of the movie already, but I was going through some old photographs when I came across the one below. You see, my cat, Shmi, was watching it with me, and, for some reason, she started to get agitated at first, then terrified, and finally went completely postal. She got on top of the sofa, and began whining in that terrified cat-voice at the screen. I had to turn the film off, and watch the rest of it after she went to sleep. But before that, I simply had to take a picture of her. She's with my folks most of the year, which accounts for her Jabba-like derriere. She'll be 12 this year, even though she still thinks she's a baby. Freak.


Anonymous said...

Well, I just don't understand the fuss surrounding that nasty little movie, I thought it was abhorrently mean spirited. Your kitty seems like she's a good critic, almost as good as her owner.
My big fat cat is my movie buddy too. Problem is, she's a coward, so anytime something intense happens she runs out of the room to hide. She was watching 2001 with me once, and I had it decked out as loud as I could get it, and anytime the monolith came on the screen she would run off. And once Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite began, I never saw her again.