Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Just when you thought James Cameron could not be a bigger asshole, he confounds all expectations by making a documentary about Jesus. And not just any documentary: a Controversial Documentary about how he had a wife, and a son (much to my dismay, not called Jeff), and that he may have been a mortal figure after all!

It's not the claim itself that's unsettling. Skepticism about Christ and his teachings are as old as, well, Christ and his teachings. Not only that, but the mid-seventies saw a barrage of pseudo-scientific literature on Jesus, his apparent mortality and his lineage, not to mention the hyperbole surrounding The Da Vinci Code, in turn liberally based on the former set of "studies." One might even say Jesus's mortality has been done to death (if one liked cheap puns - and one does).

The only aspect of this whole publicity stunt that is worthy of empirical interest is Cameron's perceived sense of self-importance and self-worth. Does the man wake up one day and think that he can tackle any subject in the world, however obvious or pointless it might be to do so? And, you know, that can be a fun intellectual pursuit I suppose, but Cameron has a propensity to turn even the most basic and unoriginal idea into an asseveration grand. What's next? Is he literally going to try and rediscover America? He does realise he is not God, right?


"It doesn't get bigger than this," said Cameron at a news conference, apparently. I think he was talking about his ego.

Read the story here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/6397373.stm


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, Jimbo, isn't the whole Jesus thing, like, done, like, sooooo recently? Shouldn't you at least wait a while before doing something Jesus, at least if you're going to claim it's noteworthy in any way?

By the way, I once went to a Halloween party as Jesus' older brother Ned. It went over like a ton of bricks, not because it was offensive, simply because it was pretty thick-headed and no one got the joke.

If I had gone as a vampire or something, I definitely would have gotten laid that night. But no one wanted to fuck Jesus' older brother Ned. Everyone knows Ned never got any nookie.

Rauf said...

As I lack intelligence to make a witty remark, I shall stick to (one of) my supernatural power, which I can only explain as: spot the cool, yet, incredibly idiotic comparison.

"Mariamene is Mary Magdalene - that's the Ringo"

Which has to be in my top ten of cool, yet, obviously, idiotic comparisons (in human history.)

He also states that Jezus is John, Joseph is Paul and Judah (obviously) being George.
This could be the next Spinal Tap.

"Spinal Crucifix: Christ! What a Rockumentary!"

Rauf said...

Furthermore, I absolutely love how the local residents are commenting on the news that the coffin of Jesus Christ may have been found in their back yard.

Local residents told the BBC News website they were pleased with the attention the tomb has drawn.

"It will mean our house prices will go up because Christians will want to live here," one woman said.

It doesn't fucking matter that it's proof that the world's biggest religion is also the world's biggest lie.

Dare I make a stereotypical joke?
No, I do not.

Davida Chazan (The Chocolate Lady) said...

The Jewish world is just as anxious to prove this incorrect as the Christian world is. Why? Think about it. Do you really think we Jews want all those Christians to revert to being Jewish? [insert appropriate smilie here]


Jennifer Eaton Gökmen said...

Best account of the life of Jesus from age 6-30 (and what cameron should be using as the text for his movie):

Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal. by Christopher Moore


Karl Hungus said...

Well, that's another film about Jesus I won't bother to watch.